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When I was faced with creating a data model for an entire system for the first time, I instructed myself from this book for the theory, and from "The Data Modeling Handbook" by Reingruber and Gregory for the implementation details. There are many books on databases, some of them huge, which cover the same old rules about the five normal forms, etc. What absorbed my interest in this book is that it described how to model a relational database using concepts which, to me, seemed somewhat object-oriented. This reasonably-sized book was a very readable, informative exposition of the practical theory to have in mind when conceptualizing a database. The database built with the advice from this book is still going strong's robust, flexible and expandable. Some credit for that goes to the lessons learned from this book.

Data Modeling for Information Professionals Overview

8045k-6 "A powerful, yet easy-to-use resource for training people in data modeling principles. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to develop data modeling competence." Clive Finkelstein, Information Engineering Services, "An outstanding vehicle for learning the mysteries of data/object modeling." David Hay, President, Essential Strategies, Inc.,, author of Data Model Patterns, The most fun you can have learning data modeling! No matter what role you play in managing information, you need an in-depth understanding of how to structure data. Data Modeling for Information Professionals gives you what you need - painlessly! Based on an interactive course that's been earning raves for years, it's the informal, friendly, real-world introduction to data modeling. *Discover what data models are, what makes them successful, and what makes them fail. *Walk through every component of an enterprise data model. *Understand domains, predicates, entities, classes, relationships, attributes, and more. *Learn from enterprise case studies and extensive nontrivial examples.* Great for data administrators, analysts, SMEs, DBAs, and project managers! Comprehensive, insightful, and entertaining, Data Modeling for Information Professionals is the easy way to learn the data modeling techniques you can't afford not to know! REPOSITORY ON CD-ROM The many illustrations in this book expand and link when you launch the free data model using the included SILVERRUN CASE tool. Export this royalty-free model to jump start your own work and to practice using your own CASE tool. Or build your model u sing SILVERRUN, a leading tool for multiplatform, enterprise-capable business modeling.

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