Computational Mathematics: Modelling and Algor

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Computational Mathematics: Modelling and Algor Overview

This comprehensive volume introduces educational units dealing with important topics in Mathematics, Modelling and Algorithms.

Key Features:

· Illustrative examples and exercises

· Comprehensive bibliography

Contents: Preface / Is Entscheidungsproblem Solvable? Beyond Undecidability of Turing Machines and Its Consequence for Computer Science and Mathematics: E. Eberbach / Specification Language Design for Hybrid Systems: L.M. Patnaik & S. Mitra/ Modelling, Analysis, Monitoring and Control of the Internet to Provide Quality of Service: V. Sharma / Function of Factor Dynamics: Time Evolution of the Latent Structure: V. Ivancevic, M. Cicin-Sain / Error and Computational Complexity in Engineering: S.K. Sen / Entropy and Counting: J. Radhakrishnan / Models of Distributed Systems: G. Ciobanu & M.Rotaru / Cryptographic Applications: P. Caballero-Gil, C. Hernandez-Goya & C. Bruno-Castanenda / Pattern Recognition (PR) and Machine Learning (ML): Current Trends and Some Applications: D. Dutta Majumder / Fuzzy Regression Analysis Via Neuro-Fuzzy Network and Its Application to System Modelling and Optimization: E. Stanley Lee & Chi-Bin Cheng / Sparse Rule-based Fuzzy Reasoning: Yan Shi & Masaharu Mizumoto / Efficient Rare Event Simulation Using Importance Sampling: An Introduction: S. Juneja / Agent Searching: P. Dasgupta, P.P. Chakrabarti & S.C. DeSarkar / Competitive Deadline Scheduling Via Extra Resources: Tak-Wah Lam & Ka-Keung To / Fast Algorithms and Scientific Computation: P. Daripa / Online Optimization Through Mining the Offline Optimum: Jason W.H. Lee, Y.C. Tay & A.K.H. Tung

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