C4D 9.5: Real-World 3D Animation Production (Graphics Series)

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This book has provided me with a hands on guid that I have search for many years. I am new to animation, and I think Mr. Mitchell did a fantastic job of explaining and making his real world application easy to follow. This book has taught me more about professional animation than any other books in my library. To me the CD is an added bonus. I would highly recommend this book to any beginner who is trying Learn 3D animation production. The only negative thing I have to say is, why it took you so long to publish a book that gave someone like me the confidence in learning 3D animation. I was able to create my first animated characters by using this book, by adding this book to your library, you will be gaining a wealth of knowledge. By the way, when is your next book coming out? Simply, this book is GREAT.

C4D 9.5: Real-World 3D Animation Production (Graphics Series) Overview

Cinema 4D 9.5: Real-World 3D Animation Production teaches how to produce commercial-quality 3D animation using Maxon’s, powerful and affordable, Cinema 4D. Written for 3D animation professionals, hobbyists, and students, this practical, hands-on book uses real-world projects to teach the entire production process. Beginning with a review of how to model photorealistic objects, the book progresses through creating custom materials, cloth simulation, and character animation, to video game and simulation techniques.

The book takes a software-integrated approach to 3D animation production with a focus on Cinema 4D and how to use it in concert with several other applications. This Cinema 4D-centric approach shows how real-world 3D animation production challenges can be met, not only with a great tool, but with a great tool box.

Throughout the book, you’ll learn a highly efficient workflow for creating 3D character animation with C4D. You’ll learn various ways of producing motion graphics by integrating Adobe® Photoshop, and After Effects®, with C4D. You’ll explore projects that use BodyPaint to extend your ability to create fantasy and control the realism of how image maps relate to their objects. And you’ll use Right Hemisphere Deep Creator 2 and Code Gardener’s XPort 1.3 to explore methods for animating video games and simulations. Some experience with 3D animation is assumed, but all levels of users will be challenged to expand their skills.

FEATURES * Teaches professional-quality animation production skills using C4D 9.5 * Uses a variety of real-world objects in the projects to model and then animate, including an SUV, a Mocca rigged human character, and video sequence textures * Details C4D 9.5 enhancements, including the content browser, the new full blown atmospheric generator Sky plug-in, and enhanced object baking, ambient occlusion, and more * Details the entire production process for beginners, and provides experienced 3D animators with insightful techniques and tips * Includes a companion DVD containing all project files, their finished results, sample data, more than 20 hours of video tutorials covering every project in the book, a demo of C4D 9 and other relevant demos

On the DVD * COLOR FIGURES: All book images in full color * PROJECT FILES: All tutorials files for each project * VIDEO TUTORIALS: Video versions of the tutorials to give you an "over the shoulder," how-to guided tour through each project * GOODIES: Content used in the tutorials, plus extra image textures, 3D models, motion textures, Photo Objects, and motion capture data * TUTORIAL MOVIES: A demo reel of the finished movies for the tutorials * DEMO SOFTWARE: C4D Demo Maxon, Right Hemisphere Deep Creator, UZR Imodeller 3D, e-Frontier Poser 6, Serious Magic Ultra 2, Code Gardener XPort 1.3

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Mac OS X 10.3 or Windows 2000 / XP, 512MB RAM, CPU 1GHz. SUGGESTED: Mac OS X 10.3 or Windows 2000 / XP 1024MB RAM, CPU 2 GHz, QuickTime, current OpenGL capable graphics card, CD-ROM-drive, hard drive. Depending on license, Macintosh or Windows only.

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