Beginning Google SketchUp

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Beginning Google SketchUp Overview

Are you interested in creating models of public buildings or upgrading your own home and furnishings? Google SketchUp is one of the easiest and most intuitive 3D modeling applications available, and so finds its way into the workflow of all designers, not just professional architects. With it, you can make all of the above and more happen. You can do woodworking designs of furniture, and you can even model your own home for inclusion on Google Earth.

Beginning Google SketchUp gets you started with the free version of the SketchUp tool (while noting the differences with the professional edition) and using it as a part of a design application tool chain. This book also encourages you to go beyond basic modeling, and includes sections on integrating real-world textures and objects into scenes.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the art of 3D modeling without paying for a commercial application.
  • Design any 3D object you can think of.
  • Model your house and include it on Google Earth.
  • Create 3D for hobbies and hobbyists (e.g., woodwork and furniture).
  • Include real-world objects seamlessly.
  • Work with Google SketchUp as part of a design tool chain.

Who is this book for?

The audience for SketchUp is diverse, ranging from those professionally involved in architectural visualization and home and product design to enthusiastic amateurs interested in creating models of public buildings, their homes, or other objects for use in personal projects or on Google Earth. This is a book aimed at committed enthusiasts who want to go beyond basic tinkering and explore 3D modeling, home design (e.g., creating planning applications or decorating schemes), and Google Earth hacking. It may also appeal to people involved in woodworking, as you can use the software to build virtual models of objects and then explode them to create detailed plans and materials manifests. Finally, this book will appeal to teachers and students of 3D looking for a comprehensive introduction to this powerful software.

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