Harnessing 3D Studio MAX Release 3

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Harnessing 3D Studio MAX Release 3 Overview

This is an introduction to the power of 3D Studio MAX software and its applications. Learn the commands and concepts of this popular animation software in a sequence that is easy to understand. 3D Studio MAX applications are presented and reinforced through tutorials and exercises. A CD-ROM includes lessons and examples, as well as drawing files and AVIs that link to tutorials and exercises in the book and Workbook. Lesson sequence has been field-tested and the lessons build on one another to make learning 3D Studio MAX simple and straightforward. Keywords: 3D Studio MAX

Harnessing 3D Studio MAX Release 3 Specifications

3D Studio Max 3 is an enormous program that can easily intimidate a new user. The dense interface, sliding windows filled with options, and array of modeling and rendering options can form a jungle in which one is easily lost. Fortunately, in Harnessing 3D Studio Max: Release 3, we have a trustworthy, experienced guide.

Author Michele Bousquet is that rare combination of talented user, experienced instructor, and outstanding writer. New Max users are lucky that she has penned a book that not only covers all Max basics, but does so in words that aren't couched in jargon. For some users, even the Max manuals and tutorial booklet are a bit murky. This book illuminates Max's features in a clear, bright light.

In just over 800 pages, every important feature is covered: introduction to the Max interface, different modeling methods, applying materials, cameras and lighting, animation, rendering, and special effects. Missing, however, is a section on MaxScript, the software's powerful scripting feature. Still, this book is geared toward new users of Max, and using MaxScript presumably isn't their first priority.

A generous use of screenshots and a well-spaced text layout make this book easy to read, and each chapter features tutorials on the topic at hand. An important feature of the book is the set of review questions at the end of each chapter, making this an excellent curriculum guide for those teaching Max.

The enclosed CD-ROM includes all the files used in the book, including textures, but it also includes a wide variety of plug-ins, texture maps, and a document listing Web-based Max resources.

This is not a book for someone who knows his or her way around Max. But for users new to the program, or struggling with it and now feeling lost in the jungle, Harnessing 3D Studio Max might be just the ticket to clarity. --Mike Caputo

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