3D Studio Special Effects

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As a professional animator I have always been interested in new ways to achieve particular special effects. This book has given me just what I want. Besides the excellent tutorials the book offers some great textures and object files on CD. But what I appreciate the most is the comprehensive approach to each effect, sometimes providing a whole new look into the power of the software itself. Be it faking refractions and coloured shadows, or cattails swaying in the wind, this book takes ample care of them all. Only if some tutorials were a little more detailed. Highly recommended

3D Studio Special Effects Overview

The complete and behind-the-scenes guide to professional special effects. Readers learn all the amazing 3D studio techniques used in Hollywood. A CD-ROM includes flics and still images--everything readers need to create each special effect. Written by noted professional artists and animators. Includes advanced IPAS plug-in effects and use of third-party applications.

3D Studio Special Effects Specifications

I used 3D Studio several years ago and wish I had owned this book then! It is a wonderful book and CD-ROM of special effects: loads of animated and still maps, cyclical light and atmospheric animation, startup files of maps, meshes, and other project files, and utilities (and a much more handsome book cover than our scan would suggest). Highly Recommended.

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