Mastering Mechanical Desktop(r): Parametric Design

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Mastering Mechanical Desktop(r): Parametric Design Overview

This concise guide to parametric design teaches student and professional users of AutoCAD(r) and MECHANICAL DESKTOP(r) how to use AutoCAD(r) Designer's(r) parametric solid modeling features to produce dimension-driven 3D solid models, virtual assemblies, and engineering documents. The book explains how AutoCAD(r) native solids, AutoCAD(r) Designer(r) solids, and AutoSurf(r) NURBS surfaces can be combined, converted, and modified in a powerful, unified and interoperative design environment. Users of this book learn how to create a dimension-driven parametric solid by extruding; generate solid features by sweeping and revolving; and create virtual assemblies of solid parts. The book concludes with a step-by-step explanation of how native solids, AutoSurf(r) surfaces, and Designer(r)'s parametric objects interoperate with one another, and a summary of all Designer(r) commands and variables used - making this book a useful, hands-on working reference for engineering design professionals and students. This tutorial-style companion book by Ron Cheng offers additional skills and support to his main book, MASTERING AUTOCAD(r) RELEASE 14. Adopters wishing to combine two or more of any Thomson Learning titles and save their students money can call our Custom Bundling Solutions Center at 800-245-6724.

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