Inside 3D Studio VIZ 3

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This is the best max/Viz book I have used. I've been learning Max/viz on my own for about 4 months now and after getting this book the program has been completely demystified. Max has a really complex interface that scares people away and does not lend to trial and error and that is exactly where this book excels at. The step by step tutorials are helpful even though I'm using Viz4.
This is the best book for anyone serious about Max/Viz because it simplifies the modeling aspects a lot and even helps 3d novices to understand the gist of 3d modelling. Unlike a lot of Max books it dedicates a sizeable amount of time to modelling through tutorials. Most Max books I've come across treat modelling as a step child and dive into animation and materials. How do you animate without modelling?
Anyways I recomend this book to anyone learning Max/Viz it will prepare you for more advanced levels.

Inside 3D Studio VIZ 3 Overview

Workflow-focused, project-based, best-practices approach. Hands-on tutorials interspersed with referential material in each chapter. It's obvious from speaking both to customers and spending time on-line that users crave specific types of information related to their disciplines. More specifically, the information relates to how VIZ fits into their workflow. Given that VIZ is a different tool from most design tools, it requires them to change their workflow to match the product. The primary focus of this book would be to show users how to minimize the amount of "shifting" they have to do to use VIZ as well as how to get the most out of VIZ by understanding its features.

To summarize, the book will accomplish two main goals for presenting VIZ:

  • Understanding VIZ's workflow
  • Understanding VIZ's features

The CD-ROM includes all the files that are needed to complete the exercises in each chapter.

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