Landscape Modeling: Digital Techniques for Landscape Visualization

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Ive only had has this book a short time but I like it. There are lots of color images and text book like explanations.

However, the examples are somewhat dated as the book was published in 2001. Most of the sample images are showing some low poly objects, or discussing ways of representing trees which are frankly out of date. No mention that I saw so far of Vue D'esprit, which is far superior to some of the software discussed, such as VistaPro.

The authors need to update it with newer images and discuss some of the newer software, a lot of changes in 3d rendering have emerged in the last 4 years.

I doubt somebody who has been using WCS, Vue, Terragen, Maya, or any advanced 3D landscape artist would find a whole lot of use for this book, but it would be good to give an overview and explain some terminology for a beginner.

Landscape Modeling: Digital Techniques for Landscape Visualization Overview

Design, plan, and simulate landscapes with computer modeling tools

If you want to model how waterflows will be affected by an upstream dam, or how vegetation growth will respond to irrigation, state-of-the-art Landscape Modeling is for you! Developed by pre-eminent Harvard landscape architects Stephen Ervin and Hope Hasbrouck, it's the first-ever guide to integrating the two-dimensional capabilities of geographic information systems (GIS) and three-dimensional CAD systems in landscape planning. This resource brings together all the technical tools you need to analyze and manipulate landforms digitally, together with the contextual information needed to apply these tools for small- and large-scale land uses, from gardens to regional plans.

You get:
Techniques for analyzing, evaluating, designing, planning, and simulating specific landscape types and elements such as water, terrain, and vegetation
A CD loaded with interactive modeling formulas and algorithms, plus demo versions of key GIS and CAD softwares for land elements, together with how-to instructions
Full color international case studies with site plans, photographs, simulations, sound and other landscape effects, and virtual environments

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