Essential LightWave v9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master LightWave 3D

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Plain and simply, this book will tell you all you need to know about the basic ideas behind creating and manipulating 3D graphics. I picked it up with a prior basic understanding of Blender 3D, but I'd say it's completely accessible even to those with no experience. Clearly written with a familiar, friendly tone, this is quite literally one of the most coherent instructional documents I've ever read.

In order to get the most out of this masterpiece, be sure to do EVERYTHING the book says, in the order that it tells you to do it. This is basically a complete academic semester crammed into 1000 pages, so treat it as such and you will be bountifully rewarded. Take notes, practice on your own when it tells you to practice on your own, and always spend time tinkering around after you've completed a tutorial.

The authors are also incredibly decent human beings. Case in point: I ran into a technical wall one week where something I was trying to do wasn't working, so, noticing that Steve Warner and Kevin Phillips had included their contact information on the front page, I shot them both a desperate email on the off chance that one of them might take pity on me and help me with my problem.

Within six hours, BOTH of them responded. And it wasn't just a quick one sentence response, either. They wrote me a full five paragraph summary that not only included the solution to my problem, but also the origins of how the problem came into existence and measures that should be taken in order to ensure that the problem didn't happen again.

This mammoth book also includes hours and hours of video tutorials, sample content relating to each chapter, ENLARGED CHAPTER SCREENSHOTS (this blew my mind), and dozens of vital plug-ins that allow you do most menial Lightwave tasks in half the time it would usually require with out of the box tools.

A must have! If you've been fiddling and self-teaching yourself for a while but nothing seems to really click together, read this book! It will make everything click!

Essential LightWave v9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master LightWave 3D Feature

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Essential LightWave v9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master LightWave 3D Overview

Includes companion DVD with trial versions of LightWave v9.2! Essential LightWave v9 offers an unparalleled guide to LightWave 3D. Written to help users quickly take control of the software, this book is filled with easy-to-understand explanations, time-saving tips and tricks, and detailed tutorials on nearly every aspect of the software, including the new features in LightWave v9.2! Key features: Learn to model, light, surface animate, and render within the first seven chapters! Master the LightWave v9 Node Editor for advanced surfacing, texturing, and deformations. Learn to model with polygons, Catmull-Clark/Subpatch SubDs, and splines. Uncover the secrets of distortion-free UV mapping and high-quality texturing. Learn to seamlessly composite 3D objects with real-world images. Create professional-quality character animation using FK, IK, and IK Booster. Enhance your animations with expressions, particle effects, and dynamics. Set up a render farm to rip through complex rendering tasks.

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