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As a teacher of 3D Computer Graphics I have always enjoyed this author's books (his [digital] Character Animation text are great). I agree that the tutorials are tricky, as is the hippo and car in his Maya at a Glance book. But there are very few books out there that visually give a good general overview of the major concepts and tools of 3DS Max the way that this text does. The person who wrote the negative review about the book shouldn't have bought the text in the first place - everyone has a different learning style.

So if you want to not only read about, but see all the different things Max has to offer, and know that there is not an Art of 3DS Max as there is an Art of Maya that serves as a great reference, definitely consider adding this text to your library. I would recommend it for teachers, and newbies and novices who are still learning the basics of 3D.

3ds Max at a Glance Overview

One look and you'll see that this 3ds Max book is different from all the others. It presents the core 3ds Max features in pages packed with striking graphics that perfectly illustrate the concepts. Each page is loaded with detailed explanations on crucial components, such as the 3ds Max interface, modeling and animation tools, rendering settings, and more. Engaging step-by-step lessons and tasks provide hands-on reinforcement as you learn. Create textures, learn rigging, bring biped characters to life—even create hair with this beautiful, full-color guide.

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