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Digital 3D Design Overview

"Digital 3D Design" tackles every aspect of this cutting-edge field, offering clear explanations backed up by brilliant illustrations that bring even the most advanced concepts to life. Begin by exploring the development of 3D graphics, then look at the 3D technology in use today. Take a look at 3D in the real world as you cover the ways in which 3D graphics are used by designers working in advertising, industrial prototyping, art, and entertainment. Bridge the gap between conventional 2D and 3D design as you learn how to think in 3D, cover the rules of perspective, and learn how to simulate 3D with 2D tools. Dive in a comprehensive primer on 3D theory as you cover the process from basic modeling, through surfacing and lighting, to rendering and animation. The Artist's Toolkit offers all the advice you need to buy and configure your 3D workstation and includes discussion of both hardware and software. Wrap up with advanced tips to help you create more effective 3D graphics.

The most comprehensive guide to 3D design on the market.

Detailed enough for existing practitioners, but accessible to newcomers.

Over 400 illustrations, including an eye-catching gallery section.

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